WeddingWise Awards - Best of 2014

Benek Lisefski • January 19, 2015
WeddingWise Awards - Best of 2014 - WeddingWise Articles

Welcome to the fifth annual WeddingWise Awards!

We’re honouring the best of the best in New Zealand & Pacific weddings, as chosen by the public and by our editors. With greater competition and more attention to online reputation each year, WeddingWise Awards are more difficult to earn than ever before. So winners, be proud to be listed among the best of the best! Congratulations to all of the amazing wedding vendors who are honored this year! Read below to learn about each award and see the winners.

2014 Top Rated NZ Wedding Vendors

This is our most prestigious award which is given to the vendors who stood out for receiving the highest praise from their customers. To qualify for this award vendors must have received 10 or more positive ratings and reviews in 2014. The winners of the 2014 WeddingWise Top Rated Vendor Awards are:  {listings1}

2014 Editor’s Choice Award

Our Editor’s Choice Award goes to a small collection of vendors who caught our attention and we wanted…

Hotel Weddings: The stress-free way to a beautiful wedding!

Marion Bausse • January 15, 2015
Hotel Weddings: The stress-free way to a beautiful wedding! - WeddingWise Articles
Are you planning your wedding day and feeling a little overwhelmed by all the details? A hotel wedding is a great way to ensure that your wedding is the fairytale day you deserve, without the stress! Hotel weddings have some great benefits – they give you access to our trusted, skilled wedding professionals. They take all the hard work out of the equation, leaving you free to enjoy the fun parts of wedding planning, like finding that perfect dress. Top five benefits of hotel weddings:

1. Take care of it all with one phone call

Many hotels have the advantage of offering dedicated wedding executives and planner. There’s no need to spend hours looking through bridal magazines when you can get all the help you need with a single phone call to a specialist who has the best suppliers in the business right at their fingertips. You’ll be put in touch with all the important vendors including stylists, florists, photographers, chefs and cake makers, bands, entertainment, and if…

Top Tweaks and Tricks to Make RSVP’s Pain-free

Amanda Cookson • November 24, 2014
Top Tweaks and Tricks to Make RSVP’s Pain-free - WeddingWise Articles
When I’m working with couples on their wedding invitations, the logistics of sending their wedding invites, setting RSVP dates, and actually getting the responses in becomes a hot topic. I asked some newly married couples for how they got their RSVP’s in, and received some great advice. Here are a few tweaks and insider knowledge gained from this survey, so you too can get your guest’s responses in quickly and stress free:

When should you send out your wedding invitations?

The time between when you send your invites and the date of your actual wedding plays a large part in how your RSVPs go.  The couples who had the best return rates sent their invitations between 3 and 4 months prior to their wedding.  If you send your invites out really early, then your guests will forget, or will think “I’ll get round to that”.  There’s no sense of urgency.  If you find yourself justifying sending them early due to Christmas, holidays, people having to travel… that’s what Save the Dates…

Rapunzel, Rapunzel…Let Down Your Hair

My Wedding Magazine • November 12, 2014
Rapunzel, Rapunzel…Let Down Your Hair - WeddingWise Articles
Deciding on whether to wear your hair up on down for your wedding day can be a tough decision for some. The general rule of thumb is that if you usually wear your hair down, then keep it down, and if you generally wear your hair up then find a soft up-do that works for you. There are a few other things to consider when making your decision ... Your style of your dress plays a big part in how your hair should fall. It can either hide or enhance certain features of yourself or your dress. It’s important to try not to hide appealing features of either with hair. For instance, if the back of your gown has stunning detail, either wear your hair up or pull it to one side. Your hairstyle also needs to suit the theme you have in mind. I always recommend that my clients consider continuity of their wedding day theme – think beach, vintage, country or formal classic. While many hairstyles are adaptable, some are more suited for the occasion than others. You will also need to…

Something Sweet - This Season’s Wedding Cake Trends and Advice

Grace Kreft, Sweet Bakery & Cakery • November 05, 2014
Something Sweet - This Season’s Wedding Cake Trends and Advice - WeddingWise Articles

Fun Flavours

Gone are the days of boring old fruit cake. Though this might confuse Nana a bit, most couples are opting for a fun mix of flavours that they actually enjoy eating, and also that represent their personalities and style a bit more closely. At Sweet, we have over 20 different flavours to choose from – ranging from classic Vanilla and Chocolate, to Nutella, Jaffa and Salted Caramel. We’ve even had a request to do a ‘lolly cake’ wedding cake! Couples these days also aren’t limited to just one wedding cake flavour, with the trend being to choose one flavour per tier of your cake, so your guests have a bit more choice. We tend to recommend couples opt for a chocolate-based flavour, a fruit-based flavour, and something a bit more neutral like vanilla or caramel, as this tends to satisfy most guests tastes. Our most popular flavour is Raspberry & White Chocolate – an amazing combination – or for summer weddings, something fresh and zingy like Lemon & Raspberry…

Survey: Getting your guests to RSVP

Benek Lisefski • November 03, 2014
Survey: Getting your guests to RSVP - WeddingWise Articles
Have you or someone you know struggled to get RSVPs from your wedding guests? Amanda Cookson from Be My Guest is on a mission to make wedding invites and RSVP better. She’s surveying married couples about what works and what doesn’t to find the most effective RSVP method. This research will be compiled and then reported in an upcoming article here on WeddingWise. If you’re married, please help out by taking this short survey. Then stay tuned for the results! *** Update *** the follow up article has been written! See here for all the advice: Top Tweaks and Tricks to Make RSVP’s Pain-free  Loading…

BREATHE and de-stress yourself

Julie Lassen - Celebrant for ALL couples • October 15, 2014
BREATHE and de-stress yourself - WeddingWise Articles

Getting married and feeling stressed?

It does happen! You might have caught yourself holding your breath or taking quick and short shallow breaths as you experience others reactions to your plans. Unfortunately, many people don’t know when to keep their thoughts to themselves when it comes to weddings and planning! Perhaps it was more like a panic attack, which in turn results in even more anxiety and stress. At a course, I learnt that one of the most effective ways to manage stress and prevent those feelings of anxiety is to do abdominal breathing.  Sometimes called belly breathing.  Abdominal breathing is when we are in a relaxed state and it soothes our nervous system therefore giving us a coping mechanism. I recently read an article that gave a number of benefits through deep abdominal breathing.

The benefits are:

Gives you feelings of calm and well-being. Lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. Balances your levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the…

Humour – a light hearted approach to your ceremony

My Wedding Magazine • October 07, 2014
Humour – a light hearted approach to your ceremony - WeddingWise Articles
Whilst getting married is a serious undertaking, the couples I officiate for often ask me to encourage fun and to inject humour into the ceremony. There are many ways that this can be achieved. Music is a great way to get a laugh from your audience. Whether your entrance song is the Muppets theme tune: “It’s time to put on makeup, it’s time to dress up right”, or the recessional song is: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m yours”, music can add humour and a touch of frivolity without being tacky. Couples sometimes choose to add to humour to proceedings by having the bride make a statement entrance, which could involve her and her bridesmaids performing a funky dance routine down the aisle. A great icebreaker within the ceremony is to include the crowd in offering support to the marriage. The officiant could address those gathered as “those whom the couple has especially chosen to stand beside them on this special day to witness and celebrate their marriage”.…

WeddingWise Milestones

Benek Lisefski • July 22, 2014
WeddingWise Milestones - WeddingWise Articles
We don’t like to toot our own horn very often, but WeddingWise has recently passed a few big milestones which we’re really proud of and we wanted to share.

Over 4,000 wedding vendor reviews

Since 2010 we’ve provided the facility for brides, grooms, friends, and family members who attend a wedding to write reviews for the vendors they had experience with. As of today, we have over 4,000 reviews published on the site, with more being submitted every day. We’re proud to be the only comprehensive NZ wedding directory with honest, independent customer reviews. When you choose a vendor from the WeddingWise directory you can be confident you’re making smart choices trusted by thousands of others that have come before you. And don’t forget to submit your own reviews to share your experience too. We’d also like to give thanks to all the members of WeddingWise who have put in the extra effort to engage their customers to write reviews for their businesses. You’re all setting great…

Planning your Honeymoon

Suzanne Teague • July 03, 2014
Planning your Honeymoon - WeddingWise Articles

Planning your Honeymoon

Planning a wedding is hard work and after the excitement of a long anticipated wedding day getting away for a honeymoon is the perfect way to unwind, spend some quality time together and to start getting used to that new surname! After all of the organisation involved in planning your wedding, honeymoon planning may feel like just another chore to be completed. Often this is a good job for the groom who may not feel comfortable about contributing to flower, cake and colour scheme choices but will be happy to undertake the fact finding mission to the travel agent and the resulting travel organisation.

First things first:

Like every aspect of your wedding planning, allocate a budget for your honeymoon If you’ve been living together and have set up house (and Aunty Doris’s generous gift of a new toaster is not required), consider setting up an account with your travel agent for your guests to contribute to. A note on your invitation will send…

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