5 Alternative Centerpieces & Bouquets

Trisha Miller • September 15, 2016
5 Alternative Centerpieces & Bouquets - WeddingWise Articles

If the traditional simple floral arrangement isn’t quite your style or allergies are an issue during your ceremony, you might be looking at other options for stunningly creative centerpieces and bouquets. Although contrary to traditional decor, non-floral items can be used in beautiful ways to construct breathtaking motifs for your big day.

5 Alternative Centerpieces & Bouquets - WeddingWise Articles
Image Credit: The Knot & Something 2 Dance 2

Cages & Lanterns

With or without floral accents, lanterns are a timeless choice for any centerpiece or bouquet. The metallic surface can be left in a pristine state, which will coordinate with any colour scheme for patterns. To add a antique feel, rough up the metal a little with some sandpaper or add some brassy tones to imitate tarnish. Lastly, spray paint the entire piece according to your colour choice. This can make old metal look good as new.

5 Alternative Centerpieces & Bouquets - WeddingWise Articles
Image Credit: Burnett’s Boards & HGTV

Sweets & Candies

Want a piece that you won’t have to waste? A quick and easy cotton candy bouquet won’t last long into the reception. This way you and your partner can share the experience and create another wonderful photo opp. Some elegant sugar candies or chocolate can also double as works of art and snacks for your guests.

5 Alternative Centerpieces & Bouquets - WeddingWise Articles
Image Credit: Sweet Violet Bride & My Wedding


Old books from a thrift store cost next to nothing and can be made into delicate petals and shapes. Any ol’ book will do or for an extra meaningful keepsake, use pages from a novel that exemplifies the love between you and your partner. The leftovers can simply be stacked on tables as the centerpiece. Throw some ribbon or twice around each one for a dash of class and colour.

5 Alternative Centerpieces & Bouquets - WeddingWise Articles
Image Credit: Little Blue Dish & 100 Layer Cake

Ferns & Succulents

Lush leaves from a beautiful fern can either enhance an already breathtaking bouquet or can be used alone for an alluring drapery of standalone greens. A colour that has long signified everlasting life and love works beautifully against a white gown. Succulents come in shades of green and complimentary purple and require very little maintenance. They’re an effortless way to bring life to any bare table.

5 Alternative Centerpieces & Bouquets - WeddingWise Articles
Image Credit: Wedding Elation & Feel It Cool

Wood & Foliage

If hiking through the forest with your loved one is your idea of paradise, consider using some fresh picked foliage in your bouquet. Hanging leaves and buds can fashion a dreamy atmosphere for your entire wedding. Partner this with thick cuts of wood on each table. Simply adorned with leaves or moss these uncomplicated centerpieces will tie the whole room together.

Before you decide on any one centerpiece or bouquet arrangement, it’s always a good idea to check with your venue and guests to make sure everything will be adequately accommodated. Take pictures of the venue and tables to ensure that the centerpieces won’t take up too much sitting or eating space. In addition, many venues may not allow flames or candles within the venue or if the ceremony will be held partially or fully outside, flame might not be an option due to weather. However, battery powered lights or string lights might give you an advantage when deciding a non-traditional piece, especially if the venue has limited lighting available.

In conclusion, non-floral arrangements, when approached in the correct manner, can even be superior to traditional bouquets and centerpieces in many ways. These pieces can be used to add an extra spark of style and tell a story of your love like nothing else can.

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Trisha Miller
Trisha Miller

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