Emergency Kit for the Groom!

Sarah Pollok • December 23, 2017
Emergency Kit for the Groom! - WeddingWise Articles
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I’m going to go on a limb and say that where weddings are concerned, the groom doesn’t tend to be *ahem* super invested in the organisation and planning of the big day. So for those of you whose grooms may not understand the many (many) little accidents than can happen, it may pay to help them prepare. 

So here are 10 items that can save the groom (and his groomsmen!).

Emergency Kit for the Groom! - WeddingWise Articles
Photo by The Lauren + Delwyn Project

Slip Ups

Want a quick way to ruin every single wedding photo? Two words; ketchup stain. Get the better of any splatters, splashes or splodges with stain removing wipes. Simply test in a small spot, then apply as soon as possible for the best results.

Itty-bitty kits

You know those little sewing kits always provided at hotels? The ones you never ever seem to use? Well now is where they come in handy! Even top quality suits or tuxedos can have loose hems or buttons. So pack a little sewing kit with needles, buttons, thread, hem tape and safety pins, to fix up any little wardrobe worries.


Get a couple guys together and you can count on someone forgetting something, especially small details. Whether its cufflinks, black socks or hair gel, it pays to have one or two extra essentials to keep your ensemble looking tight.

Emergency Kit for the Groom! - WeddingWise Articles
Photo by Coralee Stone


There’s nothing like white lint on a black suit. With all the décor, table settings, to-ing and fro-ing it’s easier than you think to end up speckled with fluff. Pack a lint roller to keep your tuxedo looking crisp throughout the day’s festivities.

Stay Fresh

The suit, the sun, the pressure of the day, a whole lot of things can find many grooms breaking a bit of a sweat before the ceremony. An extra deodorant (or two) is a simple fix to keep stains and smells far away from your wedding day.

Bless you

Whether you’re a ‘crier’ or not, weddings packed with pretty emotional moments. Nothing says gentleman like a handkerchief tucked into your tuxedo for those watery-eyed moments.

Minty reminder

With the rush of the day it’s easy to forget the little things. Be ready for the ‘you may kiss the bride’ with a little mouthwash, scrub of toothpaste or mints, we promise she’ll appreciate it!

Emergency Kit for the Groom! - WeddingWise Articles
Photo by The Lauren + Delwyn Project

Rise and Shine

Look your best in the ceremony and photographs with shoes that shine like new. A shoe shine kit is a must have for any groom’s emergency kit. Just make sure you get one that matches the colour and style of your footwear, touch up before walking down the aisle, and you’re good to go!

Feeling queasy?

Sometimes a simple anti-acid, Panadol or allergy medication is all that stands between an unexpected health issue ruining the mood. If a splitting headache, allergy flare-up or stomach issue hits you’ll be glad you planned in advance!

Money Money Money

You just never know. Whether it’s tip for the DJ, a guest emergency or a last minute morning purchase that needs to be made, having a little cash on you is essential for a prepared groom. So stash a few bills in your emergency kit and sleep easy!


Sarah Pollok
Sarah Pollok
WeddingWise Writer

Meet Sarah. Your classic millennial blogger, here to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. When she isn’t writing tips and tricks on colour schemes and bridesmaids, you’ll probably find her teaching dance, working on her Journalism degree or searching for the perfect almond milk flat white.

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