Family Affair: 7 Roles for a Sibling!

Sarah Pollok • January 09, 2018
Family Affair: 7 Roles for a Sibling! - WeddingWise Articles
Photo by Marie Marry Me

You’ve survived chaotic holidays and unfair curfews together. Shared more tubs of ice-cream and pointless arguments than you can count, and while you no longer live in the same house, city, or even country… there is no one you’d rather have by your side on the most important day of your life!

So from greeting guests to getting ordained, here are seven ways your siblings can be involved in your wedding ceremony.

1 Join the Wedding Party

The most obvious role that a sister can play is, of course, maid of honour, or bridesmaid. Coordinating pre-ceremony celebrations, delegating tasks and acting as a right-hand during the planning, it’s easily the most responsibility you can give. So make sure they’re up to the job! Have a brother? Then bring him on as a “bridesman” (yes it’s a thing and we so approve!) or ask your fiancé to have him as a groomsman. 

Family Affair: 7 Roles for a Sibling! - WeddingWise Articles
Photo by Martin Bentley Photography

2 One for the performers

Getting loved ones to perform readings is always a popular way to personalize your ceremony. This is the perfect way to invite a brother or sister to read a meaningful piece. If you trust them, they could even choose it too and surprise you on the day!

3 Get official

Nowadays the process of getting ordained can be as simple as an online form. So who better to officiate one of the most important relationships than someone you’ve had the longest relationship with? Although do keep in mind this will set you back $220 and takes 4-6 weeks, so it pays to plan this one in advance!

4 Welcome welcome

If your sibling is much loved but better suited to slightly less… responsible… tasks, then an official greeter is a perfect role! All weddings need someone to welcome guests as they arrive, and allowing a sister or brother to distribute wedding programs and answer questions about the proceedings makes them feel appreciated and involved. Chances are they’ll know most of the guests too!

Family Affair: 7 Roles for a Sibling! - WeddingWise Articles
Photo by Adam Popovic Photography

5 Ready or not!

Nothing will bring about nostalgia like letting your sister help you plan and prepare your wedding dress. Growing up under the wise style counsel of an older sister, I know that she’ll be the first person I call when it’s time to try dresses. Similarly, I can’t wait to be there with extra bobby pins and champagne on the morning of her wedding.

6Hostess with the most-ess

If you grew up together, chances are that your sibling knows your preferences on food and activities better than anyone. So whether or not they are part of the bridal party, you can bet your sister or brother is the perfect person to host your bridal shower, stag/bachelorette night or rehearsal dinner.

7Tap into the talent

With the long list of things to do, wedding tasks can feel like a chore, especially if you’re planning to DIY elements. But fear not! Wedding tasks can be the perfect opportunity to involve your siblings by playing to their strengths and talents! If your sister is a whiz at graphic design, or your brother has an eye for Pinterest-worthy table decorations then invite them to help out. Just don’t forget to show your appreciation and make them feel like a valued part of the wedding party!

Sarah Pollok
Sarah Pollok
WeddingWise Writer

Meet Sarah. Your classic millennial blogger, here to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. When she isn’t writing tips and tricks on colour schemes and bridesmaids, you’ll probably find her teaching dance, working on her Journalism degree or searching for the perfect almond milk flat white.

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