How To Avoid Bridal Burnout!

Sarah Pollok • October 23, 2017
How To Avoid Bridal Burnout! - WeddingWise Articles

You’re sitting amongst a pile of bridal magazines, on the edge of tears and the idea of yet another dress fitting/cake tasting/vendor meeting is making the idea of eloping in Vegas look more inviting every day.

If this sounds familiar, then you may be experiencing bridal burn out. The good news? A little awareness, support and self-care will have you excited and energised to plan your big day in no time!

I’ll do it tomorrow…

With a to-do list longer than Kate Middleton’s train, beware falling into the procrastinating trap. Important tasks like booking vendor appointments and deciding venues can feel overwhelming at the best of times. If you find yourself putting these decisions off and dealing with smaller less urgent jobs instead, you may be suffering from burn out. The best fix for this is to break down large jobs into smaller and more manageable tasks, or delegating tasks to trusted friends and family members.

How To Avoid Bridal Burnout! - WeddingWise Articles

Insistent indecision

When we’re stressed, our brains go into overdrive trying to avoid possible disasters, meaning that every decision from your nail polish colour to seating arrangements feels impossible to make. It may seem counter-intuitive, but when you find yourself regretting or second-guessing every option you face, the best remedy is to give yourself a break. Whether it’s a weekend away, a date night with friends or a good long bubble bath, take a step away from everything wedding related and give yourself a little time to breathe.

Being the ‘b’ word…

Unfortunately, being a bridezilla is a clear sign that you’re suffering from a bit of burnout. With hundreds of decisions to be made, the pressure of wedding planning can turn even the most laid-back, peaceful person into a controlling, detail-obsessed bridezilla (or a groomzilla!). If this sounds familiar, then maybe it’s time to give yourself a reality check and get some perspective. Try talking through the stress with a friend or family member who can help keep you grounded and remind you of the bigger picture.

How To Avoid Bridal Burnout! - WeddingWise Articles

It’s getting personal.

Still unsure if you’re on the brink of a burnout? Ask your partner. When we’re stressed it’s all too easy to take it out on our finance or close friends, and the strain of wedding planning is no exception. Planning a great wedding is important, but when your wellbeing and relationships start to suffer over bridesmaid gowns and dinner menus then something needs to change. Here, communication is key. So sit down with your friends, family and finance and talk through your worries and pressures. Not only does it feel good to let stuff off your chest, but they’ll probably appreciate the honesty. It’s a win-win!

Finally, remember the golden rule: Wedding planning should be fun! While some tasks are more enjoyable then others (addressing invitations isn’t exactly thrilling), if everything starts feeling like a burden you want to escape from, then something has to change!

Sarah Pollok
Sarah Pollok
WeddingWise Writer

Meet Sarah. Your classic millennial blogger, here to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. When she isn’t writing tips and tricks on colour schemes and bridesmaids, you’ll probably find her teaching dance, working on her Journalism degree or searching for the perfect almond milk flat white.

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