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10 Ways To Balance Colour At Your Wedding

Sarah Pollok • October 16, 2017
10 Ways To Balance Colour At Your Wedding - WeddingWise Articles
While it seems simple, choosing the perfect wedding palette is far more complex than picking your two favourite colours and calling it a day. The endless rules and techniques about shades and hues are overwhelming at the best of times, so we’ve put together a list of the 10 most common colour mistakes, and how you can avoid them. 

Mistake #1 Too many colours

Like a kid in a candy store, it’s easy to get excited about all the different colours and palettes you can choose for a wedding. The key here is to keep it simple. With a mix of 2-4 colours, you’ll keep your wedding décor cohesive, making it look polished and classy.

Mistake #2 Staying Strict

While you don’t want your wedding looking like a mismatched rainbow, it’s also important not to fall too strictly into two exact colours and shades. To avoid this, palettes will often include a neutral complementary colour like cream or tan, as well as playing on lighter or darker shades of the primary colours. For…

Spring Weddings – All About Nature

Brooke Faulkner • September 28, 2016
Spring Weddings – All About Nature - WeddingWise Articles

Spring weddings are all about nature and DIY.

We’ve been stuck indoors all winter daydreaming about the sweet little flowers getting ready to bloom, and about how we can incorporate them into our special day.With spring wedding season upon us, it’s finally time to turn our dreams into realities. We’ve done all the prepping there is to do - from finding the ring to booking the caterer to choosing the dress - and now it’s time to get crafting!Here are a few spring DIY ideas to inspire and delight your creative spirit. Have fun!

Bring the Outdoors In

Spring is the perfect season for an outdoor tent reception. Why? If it’s sunny your guests can frolic, and if it’s rainy, they’ll have shelter. But of course the best part about an outdoor spring wedding is being surrounded by the beauty of the natural world. Why relinquish that beauty to outside the tent? Wildflower garlands and foliage canopies are a stunning way to earth-up a boring canvas tent. Bring in…

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